Municipality of Junik

"Statute of the Municipality" is the highest legal act of the municipality erected as approved by the Municipal Assembly in accordance with the procedure prescribed.
Municipal Statute applies within the Municipality of Junik.

"Municipality" means all of the following definitions: Municipal Assembly and any committee of its Chairman or Directors.

"The acts of the Municipality" means all regulations, decisions and other acts issued by the Municipality.

"Municipal Assembly" means the highest legislative body, which approves the Regulation and important decisions for the municipality.

"Mayor" means the President elected directly by the voters eligible to vote in the municipality.

"Director" means the appointee by the President for a term equal to the Mayor, and who, leads a certain directorate.

Junik Municipality is the basic unit of local government in the Republic of Kosova, which within its territory shall exercise the powers and responsibilities, which are not expressly reserved to the central institutions. Hereinafter, municipality takes care that its residents to enjoy the rights and freedoms without distinction of race, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status, in order they also enjoy equal rights and employment rights in municipal services at all levels. The municipality is a legal entity with the right to own and manage property, to be the owner or co-owner of a public company, to sue and to be sued in the courts, to enter into contracts, to hire staff and exercise other activities in meeting legal responsibilities. The municipality has its feast day and the citizens alongside cultural manifestation, remember fallen heroes and victims of war for the freedom of Kosova.
Manifestations should have a cultural character, civilized sport by exposing national and civilizational values ​​of its citizens.