Junik as a place of tradition and culture for centuries and as a quiet town with no major problems, now for several years is facing two negative occurrences that are very disturbing for the citizens of this town. It is about theft and fraud that have been made recently, against which we can not and should not remain silent as a society. Although initially it was thought that thefts are committed by persons who are not residents of Junik, despite the arrest of two persons made by the Kosova Police, the Police Station in Junik shows that the perpetrators of these crimes are habitual residents of Junik, with initials H.K. born in 1989 and G.Sh. born in 1990.  It appears that except many thefts committed in the last years, especially during this time in Junik, the persons in question have also used the social networks and had committed fraud (while requesting different amounts of money allegedly for family needs) causing many citizens of Junik, especially our compatriots who live in different countries of the world to fall for their scheme.

Municipal Council for Community Safety, at its meeting held on December 06,  2016 which includes representatives of the Municipality, Kosova Police, Security Force of Kosova, firefighters, schools, local and religious communities etc., express their concern related to the occurrences and also require that bodies of Justice, such as the Prosecution and the Court, to act in compliance with the law and those responsible be punished appropriately, so that the life and property of citizens of Junik be guaranteed by law.  This Council (MCCS), except citizens of Junik will address:

1. State Prosecutor,

2. Courts, and

3. Ministry of Justice.

Municipal Council for Community Safety, not only in this case but also in other cases that may occur, will be a powerful speaking trumpet for preserving tradition, value, culture, life and property of all citizens of Junik seeking always that applicable laws apply in every case that may occur.

The Council in question, requires all citizens of Junik that have fallen prey to these occurrences, if they have not so far reported cases, do the same at the Police Station in Junik.


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