The Republic of Kosovo


The city

Gjilan municipality is located in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Kosovo. It has an area of 392 km/2 with the coordinates 42 degrees North, 21.20 degrees East. 90.863 inhabitants currently live in the municipality. On its south part, the municipality is bordered with Macedonia and Serbia. On other sidës it is surrounded by additional municipalities of the Republic  Kosovo.

West, Gjilan is linked with the southern part of Fushë Kosova and with the main highway to the Adriatic. Further north are Belgrade and Nis, whereas south leads to Skopje, Tirana and Thessaloniki. Such a geographical position makës Gjilan very important site in regards to its neighbors.

This certain geographic position gives Gjilan a Mediterranean climate, characterized by big seasonal weather changes. The municipal hydrography is rich in waters, be it rivers and streams, artificial lakës, mineral baths, and other natural well waters. The valley of Morava e Binçes and ist rivër-streams which connects Gjilan to other surrounding municipalities iso f a particular importance. The vicinity of Gjilan is rich in minerals. The areas surrounding Karadaku zone have large reserves o firon that were exploited since the middle agës.

First data to document Gjilan as an inhabited zone date from the XIVth century mentioning it as Fshati Gjilan-Village Gjilan. The precise time of its foundation as an administrative center is not known. However, the second part of XVIIIth century seems most likely.

The city was founded by the Gjinolli  Family originating from the administrative and political center of Artana.  Construction of the city was quick and done by making land purchasing simple and creating conditions to attract newcomers.

Characteristics of old Gjilan derive from oriental-Islamic which could be seen in tarmacs of the streets, in the city-center (qarshia) with ist tiny shops, from the habitation mass, in mosques, fountains, and hamams etc. Throughout history, few of these architectonic buildings managed to survave and currently special important buildings are under institutional protection.

Recent years have brought fast developments towards the creation of an image of a modern city. Surroundings built to European standard shave become both functional and attractive to both citizens of Gjilan and visitors.