The Republic of Kosovo


Holding the session of the Communities Committee

2019/09/30 - 2:08

The eighth regular session of the Communities Committee was
held today in the hall of the Municipal Assembly of Gračanica.
The session was chaired by the Chairman of that body, Milaim
The session was attended by representatives of the police,
The minutes of the seventh regular session, held on September 4
this year, was adopted.
The members then discussed the current problems. They mostly
talked about the problem of stray dogs for the safety of citizens.
Representatives of the Communities Committee requested the
work of the dog shelter in Laplje Selo to be inspected.
The committee members considered the report on the budget for
2020. Chairman Eminović said that in accordance with the
instruction, the local self-government held public debates at which
citizens could give their proposals. He emphasized the
municipality would continue to invest in infrastructure, and that it
would, among other things, assist the Roma community as well as
other non-majority communities with various projects.