The Republic of Kosovo


Opening the renovated Cultural Center in Laplje Selo

2019/09/30 - 2:07

After the general renovation, the Cultural Center in Laplje Selo
was opened today.
The renovated Cultural Center in Laplje Selo was opened by the
Mayor of Gračanica municipality, Srđan Popović, along with the
President of the Interim Body of the City Assembly of Priština,
Ljubinko Karadžić.
According to Popović, this cultural institution has been
successfully renovated with local budget funds.
"I am pleased to say that Laplje Selo is a big construction site. We
managed to complete six residential buildings, a gymnasium for
the school, and the biggest project to be realized here is the High
School Center. We have renovated the Cultural Center, which will
mean a lot to the locals, and I realized that in a conversation with
them. I hope a large number of events will be organized here and
that it will come to life in the right way", Popović said.
Popović invited the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić to visit
Laplje Selo once again and speak with citizens in the renovated
Cultural Center.
According to Ljubinko Karadžić, the Cultural Center was
completely renovated after seventy years. It will have a library, a
post office and a local office.
"Important things were happening here for the villagers of this
village, from cultural to political. The locals shared both good and
evil here, remembering the beautiful things. The facility will be
multifunctional, for culture, socializing, sporting events; it is a
place where people will gather when needed", Karadžić said.

Director of Urbanism, Dejan Jovanović said that the facility was
completely reconstructed and an annex built through two phases.
The building now has 470 square meters, and through two
phases of reconstruction, 125,000 euros from the local budget
have been spent.
"We have a hall with a new floor, we have built a boiler room and
installed steam heating. There is new ceiling, lighting, joinery,
facade, as well as toilets. We did the landscaping and fencing.
We are pleased with the way the works were done, the contractor
fully respected the project", Jovanović said.