The Republic of Kosovo


Srđan Popović had talks with KFOR commander

2019/09/30 - 2:09

KFOR Commander Lorenzo D’Addario paid his first visit to the
Municipality of Gračanica today. He and Mayor Srđan Popović
discussed the security situation, cooperation with KFOR as well
as development projects.
KFOR Commander-in-Chief in Kosovo, Major General Lorenzo
D’Addario, and KFOR Regional Commander Robert Hughes, had
talks with the Mayor of Gračanica municipality, Srđan Popović,
and was primarily interested in the security situation and
cooperation with this military mission.
Mayor Popović emphasized in the conversation that the security
situation in Gračanica municipality was stable, but pointed to
sporadic provocations and demanded greater involvement and
increased presence of KFOR during the process of holding the
upcoming parliamentary elections in Kosovo.
Mayor Srđan Popović told KFOR representatives that co-
operation had been very successful so far, not only in the security
field but also in support to numerous institutions.
He familiarized the guest with the development projects of the
Municipality of Gračanica, above all the process of urbanization of
Gračanica as one of the most important projects which had been
actively worked on.
It was jointly agreed that mutual cooperation was necessary and
that, in order to preserve security, the constant involvement of
citizens and police authorities was also needed.