The Republic of Kosovo


The aldermen adopted the budget for the year 2020

2019/09/30 - 2:10

At today’s session, the aldermen of the Municipal Assembly of
Gračanica adopted the Decision on the Budget for the year 2020.
The budget of the Municipality of Gračanica for the next year will
amount to 8,101,328 euros, while 2,545,217 euros or 31.42% of
the total budget were allocated for capital projects.
In addition to infrastructure, funds from the budget will be
allocated for agriculture, social welfare, education, health, as well.
It was pointed out at the session that public debates, at which
citizens had the opportunity to give their proposals, suggestions
and comments, were held in order to create the final budget
At today's session, the Assembly adopted a number of other
decisions, including the decision to form a commission for the plot
in Laplje Selo as well as an appeal commission.
Before the aldermen of the Municipal Assembly, there was also
the draft decision for the expropriation of a plot for the cemetery in
Gornja Gušterica, as well as the draft decision for determining the
purpose of the plot for the Roma cemetery in Livađe.
Director of the Public Utility Service, Vladica Trajković, informed
the aldermen about the state and improvement of public lighting in
the territory of Gračanica municipality, while Education Officer
Boban Marinković reported on the start of the school year.
The Ordinance on Transportation of Passengers by Taxi in the
territory of Gračanica municipality, which was explained by a legal
officer Nebojša Sudimac, was also adopted.

"The reason for passing such a rulebook is to create communal
order and discipline, create a favorable environment for the work
of taxi operators", Sudimac said.
Under Any Other Business, the aldermen have requested the
elevator in the municipal building to be enabled, as well as to find
premises for the Diabetes Association.