Welcome to the Mitrovica North Administration Office (MNAO) website!  


       MNAO guarantees citizens of Mitrovica North all 
rights and freedoms without distinction as to race, 
ethnicity, language, religion, national, or social 
origin and will enable everyone to have fair and
equal access to municipal services. 
      In addition to the services, the MNAO 
administration will provide an opportunity for 
the citizens to engage in the implementation of 
many infrastructure projects and capital investments.
   The office will deal exclusively with technical issues which affect the quality of life of the citizens of Mitrovica North. 
       MNAO objectives can be achieved only through your participation and engagement in our 
efforts to provide the community with high quality 
public services.   
  There fore, dear users of MNAO,all your comments, suggestions and criticisms are 



Adriana Hodzic visited the works at several locations in North Mitrovica
04 August 2016
 Director of Municipal Administration in Northern Mitrovica Adriana Hodzic with the team for implementation of projects visited the works at several locations in North Mitrovica.


UNMIK chief visits the municipality of North Mitrovica
28 July 2016
 North Mitrovica Mayor Goran Rakic and Director of the municipal administration Adrijana Hodžić met with UNMIK chief Zahir Taninijem and his team.


Embassy of Turkey presented The Ramadan packages
23 June 2016
Turkish Embassy in Kosovo presented in North Mitrovica aid packages for the poorest people on the occasion of the month of Ramadan.

The beginning of the works on three EU projects in North Mitrovica
21 June 2016
North Mitrovica Mayor Goran Rakic and ​​Head of Operations of EU Office in Kosovo, Christof  Stock  markthe start of construction work on the new bus station, the renovation of the Health and revitalization of green areas, funded by the European Union with 1.2 million euros.

Adriana Hodzic sent condolences to the Anđelković family
17 June 2016
Regarding the tragic death of Nichola Anđelković, Director of Municipal Administration in Northern Mitrovica Adriana Hodzic expressed condolences to the family and their friends.


MNAO Repairs Sewage Problem in Miner Hill
31 July 2013
 Following the complaints of citizens residing in the Miners Hill area of Mitrovica North about the seepage of raw sewage across their properties, MNAO has repaired problems with the sewer system in the area.   read more...

MNAO Cleans-up the Ibar riverbed and banks
26 July 2013
Upon the initiative of the citizen’s, MNAO undertook the clean up the riverbed and banks of the Ibar River this July. read more...

Project of regulation of Suvi Do’s stream is finished
25 July 2013
 After initiated activities 03.12.2012. on project regulation of Suvi Dol’s stream are being finalized. Besides activities on stream regulation have already finished and paving part of the road Mitrovica - Suvi Dol, read more...

Park reconstruction and children’s’ playground
03 December 2012
 The project for the reconstruction of the park and children’s playground on the land between the streets Kralj Petar and Tanska Rajić (at the KTA building) was successfully completed.  read more...

Suvi Do Road and Drainage reconstruction
03 December 2012
 MNAO launched the project for reconstruction of the Suvi Do road and drainage system. The purpose of the project is to repair the road which has been damaged due to drainage problems causing a danger to drivers and pedestrians. The project will also prevent sewerage from entering the Ibar River and control runoff during storms.  Project completion is expected by the end of December 2012.




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Mitrovica North Administrative Office encourages all citizens, companies and NGO-s, which may have creative projects in mind, to be addressing to the MNAO officials, every working day, located in Bosnian Mahalla.


Your  Mitrovica North Administrative Office.

Mitrovica North Administrative Office, informs all employees of the Educational institutions of Mitrovica North, that is in progress the auditing of payroll lists.

Al the employees that are interested to exercise their rights on personal incomes, are obliged that latest by the 01.12.2012 to submit necessary documentation to responsible office.

Necessary documentation:

  • Kosovo ID card 
  • Existing Working Contract
  • The working Card for review