The Republic of Kosovo


Office for Human Rights and Communities


46.1. Undertakes all necessary measures concerning the protection and promotion of human rights at the municipal level;

46.2. Monitors compliance of respect of standards for human rights in the area of: equal opportunities, anti-discrimination, gender equality, children’s rights, persons with disabilities, communities’ rights, use of language and human trafficking;

46.3. Advices for design and monitoring of implementation of policies, regulations and guidelines issued by the Municipal Assembly, in accordance with the standards for human rights and national legislation;

46.4. Monitors the activities of the Municipality and at the same time advising the Mayor on issues of human rights;

46.5. Designs and develops action plans, identifies capacity building needs and plans the budget for implementation of NJDNJK activities;

46.6. Reports on a monthly, quarterly and semiannual bases according to the request of the Mayor of the Municipality;

46.7. Implements laws, plans and strategies adopted by the Government and Assembly of Kosovo;

46.8. Collaborates and coordinates activities with municipal-level structures and NGOs in the defense and promotion of human rights;

46.9. Cooperates with institutions and central agencies in order to complete the responsibilities including the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo;

46.10. Participates in existing commissions meetings (Committee for Communities, the Committee for Mediation or Committee for Finances) and in other forums where issues related to human rights and communities are a part of the agenda;

46.11. Performs other duties foreseen by law, the Statute of the Municipality of Pristina and regulations in force.