The Republic of Kosovo


Vushtrri as a municipality has a suitable geographic and economic position. The territory of the Municipality of Vushtrri is located in the northern part of Kosovo. The municipality extends north-south (maximum length about 34 km) and somewhat enlarged (maximum width of about 23 km) with one border length of about 104.5 km. The territory of the municipality is located between these geographic coordinates: X1: 200 50 ’09 “and X2: 210 07′ 05”; Y1: 420 42 ’20 “and Y2: 420 55′ 12” The municipality of Vushtrri  lies in the northwestern part of the Kosovo Plain, in the area where the Shala and Çyqavica Mountains, Vushtrri  is a famous historical town since Illyrian-Roman Byzantine times and with different denominations. Vushtrri  is a municipal center in which gravitates 67 inhabited localities. The territory of the municipality covers an area of ​​345 km2, while in 1981, according to the population census, there were 65,671 inhabitants with a mixed ethnic structure, about 90% belonging to the Albanian ethnicity. The population and household census carried out in 2011 in the Municipality of Vushtrri has given the following results: the number of inhabitants of Vushtrri  Municipality according to the census conducted in 2011 is 69,870 inhabitants (not including a number of Serb population have not participated in the census), while the density of the population is 202.5 inhabitants / per km2.

Vushtrri  Municipality has 11,872 households, of which 4,890 are located in urban areas and 6,976 in rural areas, as well as a new and working population. The Silnica River, the Ibër-Lepenc system canal, the Tërstena, Sllakoc, Studime, Smrekonicë, Dumnica and Brusnik streams are considered to be its main hydrographic network. Two-thirds of the territory of the municipality is a flat part. The plain of the municipality and especially the valley along the Silnica River is a land with potentials for the development of intensive agriculture and the development of agro-industry. Vushtrri  Municipality is the center of sustainable economic development thanks to the fertile land that
offers favorable conditions for the cultivation of all agricultural crops, where Vushtrri  Municipality is leading the production and processing of potatoes.
Vushtrri has a relatively good infrastructure, citing that besides the road network has a very good connection with other cities of Kosovo even through the railway network. The distance from the capital of Kosovo, Pristina, is 25 km, while Pristina International Airport is 42 km.