The Republic of Kosovo


The Old Castle of Vushtrri

Old Town Castle – The monument is built in the central part of the old nucleus of Vushtrri  city and is now also located in an almost central part of the city. It is thought that the Old Fortress of Vushtrri was built in the time of JUSTINJAN I (527-565), during the Middle Ages, and at the time of the Ottoman Empire, which may have served you as an inn. It has an area of ​​about 1,100 m2, part of which is also a tent with a surface of about 100 m2, while its walls are 10-12 meters high, and the thickness of the walls is 3-4 meters.

Old Stone Bridge in Vushtrri

The Old Stone Bridge – It is thought that the monument was built in the late antiquity and medieval times. The bridge is built in the northern part of the old town of Vushtrri. It is about 135 m long and about 6 m wide, built on 9 arches, but according to the traditions it is said to have 12 arches, which are covered with and. The Stone Bridge is located on the Silnic River’s dry bed, the water of which, due to its pedological composition, changed its course several tens of meters to the west.

Hamam – (Public Bath) in Vushtrri

The monument is built in the northwestern part of the old nucleus of the city of Vushtrri. This bathroom is mentioned by the chronicle and the roadwriter of the time, which is thought to have been built in the 15th century by Gazi Ali Beu. Hamam is one of the oldest hamams in the Balkans, which worked until late after World War II. It served as a public bathroom for men and women, who were cleaned up on certain days.