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Public Consultation-Notice on the development of works in our municipality under the KODE Project

2019/09/06 - 2:35

Dear citizens,

The Kosovo Digital Economy Project (KODE) is a five-year investment funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development. The main component of the Project aims to improve access to high-quality, high-speed broadband services in project areas (villages not covered by high-speed internet services) and to information resources, services and online labor markets for citizens and public and academic institutions.

An integral part of this project is the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) which ensures that the environment where the works take place (deployment of the high-speed broadband infrastructure) is secured, and appropriate measures are taken to eliminate adverse social and environmental effects. Based on this framework, an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) has been developed for certain areas covering parts of our municipality.

The ESMP Checklist has been prepared for the activities to be carried out by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) which will be selected to implement the deployment of the high-speed broadband infrastructure under the Project. The ESMP Checklist presents the project description, technical details, scope, environment and location on which to assess environmental and social risks. Implementation of mitigation measures addressing identified risks and issues as well as the monitoring plan set out in the ESMP Checklist is mandatory, as is compliance with national environmental and other regulations and World Bank (WB) operating policies.

This list is published on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development and is also accessible here through the following link where citizens can provide their comments and suggestions in a period of 14 days;

Area: Beçuk-Zhiliovë,

Comments and Suggestion Form_Vushtrri_ Lot1_Call1

01-19 LOT SUBPROJECT 1 ( LOT 1 ) Beçuk – Zhilivodë

Area: Ceceli-Sllakovc,

Comments and Suggestion Form_Vushtrri_Lot2_Call3

ESMP Checklist 03-19 LOT SUBPROJECT 2 ( LOT 2 ) Ceceli – Sllakoc

Area: Dumnicë e mesme- Dumnicëe e epërme,

Comments and Suggestion Form_Vushtrri_Lot1_Call2

ESMP Checklist 02-19 LOT SUBPROJECT 1 ( LOT 1 ) Dumnicë e Mesme – Dumnicë e epërme

Area: Pasomë

Comments and Suggestion Form_Vushtrri_Lot2_Call2

ESMP Checklist 02-19 LOT SUBPROJECT 2 ( LOT 2 ) Pasomë