The Republic of Kosovo


Internal Audit Office

Article 45



45.1. Secures productive, economic and efficient usage of resources of the International Audit Unit (IAU);

45.2. Ensures appropriate implementation and compliance with laws, regulations, policies, guidelines and manuals;

45.3. Secures timely preparation and submission of plans for internal audit;

45.4. Organizes, conducts and oversees exercises of all internal audit activities and submits results of the audit before the Audit Committee;

45.5. Prepares and submits quarterly and annual reports on all audit activities of IAU – of the Audit Committee;

45.6. Conducts internal audits in accordance with rules, policies, manuals, guidelines and professional standards issued by central and local authorities, in accordance with applicable legislations;

45.7. Examines all the technical, economic and financial as well as information of possession or control document of the subject to the audit;

45.8. Copies data, information or documents for internal audit purposes and ensures that the copies in question must be original or certified;

45.9. Can demand from any official, employee or consultant to provide physical evidence, records or oral testimony, or other information on matters related to the audit or the activities that are audited;

45.10. Has unobstructed access to facilities subject to audit and verifies and evaluates the material and monetary values of the subject, in accordance with rules and legislation;

45.11. Proposes measures that have to be undertaken by the relevant subject;

45.12. Receives certified information from the Treasury, BPK and any public or private organization in connection with actual or closed account;

45.13. Reports to the Municipality Mayor;

45.14. Performs other duties foreseen by law, the Statue of the Municipality of Pristina and by the regulations in force and decisions and orders of the Municipality Mayor.