The Republic of Kosovo


Office of Human Resources



38.1. Sector for Human Resources, exercises competencies in accordance with authorizations, responsibilities, its legal rights and obligations, in function of implementation of legal requests of the provisions of Law on Civil Service in force, the Labor Law, sublegal acts of central competent and internal acts of the Municipality; Assesses and approves requests for fulfilling job positions, in accordance with applicable legislation and budget capabilities of the Municipality;

38.2. Drafts and posts job vacancies for fulfilling free vacancies, in accordance with applicable laws and procedures;

38.3. In accordance with applicable laws and procedures proposes Commission for candidate selection for fulfilling job vacancies;

38.4. Drafts decision and form of contract for selected candidates;

38.5. With the request of Competent Official, initiates disciplinary proceedings against the civil employees, in case of violations of duties and responsibilities and other violations of the code of conducts;

38.6. Implements preventive suspension in accordance with legal provisions in force;

38.7. Cares for employees’ rights and obligations within the Municipality of Pristina, in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws;

38.8. Creates, cultivates and saves collaborative relationships with offices and associations that protect and promote rights and obligations of civil and public employees;

38.9. Drafts and cares for evidences of civil servant employees of the directorates of Municipal Administration, in accordance with rules and procedures of applicable legislation;

38.10. Cooperates with all Municipal Directorates.

38.11. Also performs other duties, based on applicable laws within the scope of the Sector.

Article 39

39.1. Human Resources Unit is headed by the Head/Personnel Manager, who is recruited by the Municipality Mayor in accordance with the Law on Local Self-Government and procedures for civil legislation;

39.2. Personnel leader/manager reports the Municipality Mayor for his work;  

Article 40

40.1. With the aim of specified functional exercises with legal provisions in force, Personnel Leader within its scope can issue acts for organization and function of Unit/Sector of Human Resources;