The Republic of Kosovo


Office for Public Communication


42.1. Participates in direct meetings of the Mayor, in and out of the Municipality;

42.2. Follows meetings of the Board of Directors, committees and the Municipal Assembly;

42.3. Coordinates the liaison with local and international press, regarding issues related to the activities of the Municipal Mayor, directors of directories and other offices;

42.4. Coordinates the development and implementation of Municipal acts for public communication;

42.5. Offers information for development policies of the Municipality;

42.6. Oversees implementation of strategy for communication with citizens and administrates the code of conduct of communication officers to keep high ethical standards for communication officers;

42.7. Provides transparency and public access for the work of directors of the Municipal administration, education, health institutions and local public enterprises by offering information and documents to citizens and the media;

42.8. Informs the public about the decisions taken by the Assembly through conferences and issuing press releases;

42.9. Keeps relations with local press and electronic media on issues belonging to Municipal bodies;

42.10. Is competent for the publication of internal newspaper “Bulletin” at the Municipal level;

42.11. Provides information within the Municipality and is in permanent cooperation with the Directors of Directorates and civil servants employed in administrative directorates;

42.12. Accompanies media representatives within the Municipality and registers statements of Municipal officials given to the media representatives;

42.13. Prepares leaflets, bulletin, brochures, etc.

42.14. Selects and archives newspaper articles dealing with the Municipality;

42.15. Performs other duties foreseen by law, Statute of Pristina Municipality and other regulations.