The Republic of Kosovo


Legal office


41.1. Offers legal aid, advice and expertise to the Cabinet of the Mayor, Directorates, Sectors/Units and Institutions of Education, Health and Municipal Enterprises if needed;

41.2. Reviews all draft regulations that proposers send for approval to the Board of Directors, competent communities and Municipal Assembly by guaranteeing compliance with existing laws in force and the Municipal Statute;

41.3. Reviews proposals of decisions and other acts proposed to the Assembly for approval;

41.4. Drafts decisions and administrative directives which are issued by Municipality Mayor;

41.5. Preserves Legal Office documentation and prints all materials and other acts according to the responsibility of this office;

41.6. Cooperates with professional cooperators and helps them from the legal perspective in preparation decisions and other legal acts as well as other various materials;

41.7. Represents and protects interest of Municipality and institutions funded by the Municipality in civil court, criminal, enforcement and administrative proceedings at all levels in country’s courts;

41.8. Undertakes all procedural actions for the protection of property and legal interest of the Municipality, in accordance with responsibilities defined by law;

41.9. Performs other duties provided by law with Statute of Pristina Municipality and other regulations;

41.10. The legal sector is led by the Sector Leader who answers to the Municipality Mayor.