The Republic of Kosovo


Procurement Office


43.1. The procurement sector, activity, exercises its competencies and responsibilities according to the law (in force) for Public Procurement of the Republic of Kosovo, acts and contracting authority -Municipality Mayor, in accordance with applicable legislation and procedures;

43.2. Procurement sector and procurement officer within the authorizations obligations and legal responsibilities entering into contractual relations with public funds and public resources is obligated to use them in the most economical way, taking into account the purpose and object of the procurement;

43.3. The procurement sector, bases its activities in the field of procurement on the principles of economization and transparency as well as that of equal treatment and non-discrimination and effectiveness of exercising of the procurement activities.

Article 44

44.1 Municipality of Pristina (as a contracting authority) is obligated, and with this so as the  department/Procurement sector, in the field of management, exploitation and organization and availability in public resources and funds in the field of contractual of public works in the interest of Municipality of Pristina, provides and is responsible for;.

44.1.1 Equal treatment of all economic operators and without discrimination (without any favoritism) and act with full transparency in all procurement stages. In this capacity, the procurement officer is obligated and responsible in providing;.

  1. The widest participation of economic operators interested in tendering procedures;
  2. Publishing all information and documents related to the procurement activities in accordance with the law;
  3. Providing and eliminating any tendency of award criteria, requirements and technical specifications that discriminate or favor one or more economic operators.
  4. Ensuring that all technical specifications are indicated precisely in advance with the greatest possible accuracy including all requirements and criteria as well as methods for selection of the appointed award, to be specified in the contract notice and the competition of the design in the invitation for tender or participation so that no requirement, criteria or specification that is not specified, is not being used in the selection process and award of contract with public funds in the Municipality of Pristina.

44.1.2 Procurement sector keeps records for the entire procurement process from the beginning of the procurement activity until the award of the contract;

44.1.3 Procurement sector is obligated that in accordance with applicable laws and procedures, to the interested party (EO) offer direct access to all data related with the procurement activity, except confidential business information.

44.1.4 The procurement sector is obligated to give the public contract to the economic operator which has fulfilled all the criteria previously published in the contract notice;

44.1.5 Saves statements of needs of the Municipal Mayor and the determination for availability of ZKF founds;

44.1.6 The procurement sector makes adequate market investigations for goods, services or works that are the object of contracts (object of procurement);

44.1.7 Applies special rules to enable shortening of the time frames whenever circumstances require implementation of a procurement activity in urgent cases for the Municipality, in accordance with applicable legislation and procedures;

44.1.8 Cares for and informs the Mayor for creation of the commission for public tender openings and the committee for their evaluation;

44.1.9 Cares for and implements prohibition according to the applicable legal provisions concerning economic operators who compete to enter into contractual relations with the Municipality of Pristina (by asking them for valid proof);

44.1.10 Takes cares that with the Municipality’s contractual reports review and evaluate reliability of economic operators about their economic and financial situations as well as their technical and professional skills;

44.1.11 Proposes Mayor of the Municipality (the contracting authority) establishment of evaluating jury and criteria of their responsibilities according to the law in competitions of projections in the interest of the Municipality;

44.1.12 Is responsible and keeps all forms of legal responsibility according to the Criminal Code of Kosovo and falls under penalty provisions of this code for illegal influence in procurement and procurement fraud;

44.1.13 The procurement officer of contracting authority is the only person authorized for engaging and signing of a public contract on behalf of the contracting authority (the Municipality) after completing all previous legal conditions;

44.1.14 The procurement officer is a civil servant and responsible according to provisions of the Law on Civil Service of Kosovo and is removed by procedures foreseen by law;

44.1.15 The procurement sector exercises other administrative functions according to the laws and other legal acts as well as based on decisions or orders of the Municipality Mayor to whom they report annually so as with periodic reports of 3 (three) months;

44.1.16 Performs other duties foreseen by law, Statute of Pristina Municipality and with other regulations in force.